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How To Play Video Games On Android Device-NES Games?

Hi everyone!! In the late 90's and 2000 we all know that almost every indoor gamer loved to play video games. For this the required equipments are Television, Video Game Set(with or without keyboard), Joystick and medium sized Chips. Think about the past days, I just dreamt of my childhood days playing those Nintendo games. The Nintendo Entertainment System(also abbreviated as NES) is an 8-bit video game console that was developed and manufactured by Nintendo.Due to the advanced improvement in graphics, nowadays every gamer upgraded themselves to play high graphic powered
games which requires more RAM.

In this post, I'm going to show you on how to play .nes games on your android device? 

But remember, this is for the gamers who loves earlier Nintendo games. 

Some games which I love to play such as The Super Mario Bros,
Super Mario Bros. was very popular in those times comes under best selling game. This game includes adventures, thrill, and many challenging stages. You need to complete the stages within the time limit.

Secondly, my favourite game is Alladin. I also suggest you to try this game.

The main aim of Alladin is to pick the Magical Lamp from the Devil. To achieve this, he must need to cross many temptations. He need to fight with strange creatures such as skeleton, giant man, and so on. 

Lastly, I can remember the fabulous Contra. 

You need to fight against the machines and aliens with many type of guns. From the beginning till the end, you may have to face the sounds of gun shooting and bombs explosions. 

So the things which you need to play .nes games on your Android device is given below

  • Android device either phone or tablet or palmtop but with the multi-touch feature. At least two finger touch is needed to play the game with much comfortable.
  • A emulator called Nostalgia.NES Lite is required in order to choose the .nes files and to play. With this emulator, it is very simple to play .nes games using the controller which is visible on your device during game play. 
  • You need .NES files. So get the .nes roms from here
  • The roms are compressed in .zip file. Download it from your PC.
  • To unzip the file, use 7-Zip software.
  • You will get the required .nes file.
  • Transfer the file to your phone's sd card.
  • Now launch the Nostalgia.NES lite, you could be able to see the 3 dots on the upper right side of the screen.
  • Touch the dots, there is an option called Search Roms.
  • Touch on Search Roms, it would search for .nes roms from your phone which we have downloaded.
  • Launch your favourite game and then play :)
While playing .nes games, definitely you are going to recall your sweet memories too :)


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