How To Deactivate Facebook Code Generator?

In the previous post, I have explained about how to increase Facebook security. Facebook code generator is very helpful to secure your account. It's just like Step-2 verification which is provided by Gmail. But in case if your phone has been stolen or else you have changed your phone number, then from where you will get the security code to log into your account? In such a critical situation, you may want to disable Facebook code generator to feel free.

Improve Your Facebook Security and Protect Your Account From Hackers

What will happen if someone have hacked your Facebook account? If you are using Facebook just to play free games, or to watch videos, you won't care much about your account's security. But, if you are building your business or friendship through Facebook, you need to be very careful to prevent your account from being hacked. Initially, the threat comes to your account if you have forgotten to sign out.

3 Ways to Sign into Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Internet users those who were having multiple accounts on websites may want to sign into more than one account at once. If you logged into one account and also want to open another account in the same browser, adding a new tab won't work at all. Instead of showing the new log in page, it would show the same account as it got merged.

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Web Browsing Experience

Google Chrome Internet browser was released on September 2008 which has not wasted a single moment in dominating the web world. People loves to browse the web every time to know something new. Google is very good at understanding the user's essential requirements. To take care of their needs, Google often offer various innovations to satisfy them via creative technology.

Best Websites to Learn Magic Tricks

Every Magician states that, "Magic is an art". It comes under supernatural powers or just an illusion. It is impossible to decide whether the magic is real or not. It's because our mind is filled with doubts. If one part of the mind enters into the belief system and the other part rejects it but only requires evidences to believe. Even the simple magic tricks performance can trick our mind and makes us confused.

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