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How To Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With One Email Address?

Twitter is the best place where you can do trend setting. We all know that a single tweet from a celebrity reaches millions of twitter followers. In the recent years, Twitter has emerged as the glittering foundation for communication. Either good or bad news, twitter users shares the content which is similar to what's happening on Facebook .  Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows only 140 characters to share your thoughts for a single tweet. 
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8 Best Ways To Make Extra Money From Your Blog/Website

Personally I feel that blogging is the best choice to speak to the world silently. A lot of popular social media sites are there in front of your eyes to share your blog posts to be viewed by readers from all over the world. There are so many methods to make money online, but you cannot ignore that blogging can also make money.

How To Remove Blogger Navbar?

By default, Google's blogger blog comes with navbar enabled which is located at the top of blogger template. You can choose different colors for navbar that suits your template design. If you browse most of the blogger powered blogs, you might notice the absence of navbar in their template. Either they must had removed the navigation bar or using custom/third party templates.

How To Block Unwanted Emails From Someone Automatically in Gmail?

We love to browse The internet. Likewise, we would like to subscribe or sign up for lots of email services which seems to be good. We might think that signing up to the newsletter will deliver useful and selective data through mails. Of course, it's a great option to stick to the services provided by the websites.  If the inbox is filled with lots of mails from a single service, it will rise a red flag.

How To Use Google Maps For Offline on PC, Android, iOS and Other Smartphone Devices?

One of the Google's wonderful service is Google Maps which allows you to search any location around the world. By zooming into an area, you can get the more elaborated view and usually it can be done with Google maps street view . It is very useful especially for the people who want to spot many important places like the airport, railway station, petrol bunk, supermarket and the list goes on and on.

How To Add Email Receipt and Get Notified When Your Sent Mail Has Been Opened?

Earlier we have discussed about the number of ways to sign into multiple accounts at the same time and now I would like to tell you some important paths to track the emails which you would send out to someone. At first let's define the  little difference between delivery and read receipt. If you send an SMS to your friend, you would get notified whether it is delivered to him/her or not. 

How to Download Videos Online for Free With a Single Click?

Earlier, we have discussed about how to download any Internet video for free without any software program and today we are going to see it's next part. To download videos from Internet, we depends on various download managers. Not all the download managers are free to use because of high demand for it and not all downloading software programs are working properly.